The Students Union, founded in 1991, is the students' representative structure. It is a private institution with no lucrative goals established on its' own statutes and further legislation.

In 2011 AAUMa completes 20 years of existence by the hand of several different social bodies.

AAUMa tries to inform and educate the student bearing in mind several fields of knowledge, and we believe students should have an active participation in his/her Academy's routes.

A television show, a radio show, an academic journal, workshops and seminars, along with a group of fado and serenades are the biggest projects from this Institution, and it involves the participation of a large number of students from the University.

The peak of the University Sports consists in participating in the National University Sports' Championship. AAUMa has regular participations in this competition, in various sports. Actually, AAUMa is a national reference in terms of University Sports having achieved several titles in different sports.

Due to this fact, AAUMa's, UMa's, as well as Portugal's names have been carried into the European University Sports Championship in the previous academic years.

This year, Madeira shall be the main stage of the European University Table Tennis Championship, due to AAUMa's application. For this competition, around 160 representatives of several European Universities are expected.