Mensagem aos Voluntários

A Associação Académica da Universidade da Madeira agradece a todos os voluntários que se inscreveram para fazer deste 5.º Campeonato Universitário de Ténis-de-mesa um verdadeiro sucesso.

A todos, o nosso agradecimento.

João Francisco Baptista
Presidente do Comité Organizador



Volunteers are a key factor for the success of the championship. The EUTTC Organizing Committee needs volunteers to guarantee the smooth running of the event. The Volunteering program will recruit young and mature people to help the Organizing Committee in certain areas.

When filling in your Volunteer Application Form, please take into consideration the aspects below in order to select the position you would be most interested in:

• Accreditation Services

• Administration Services

• Players Assistance

• Public Assistance

• Transport

• Team Guidance


Accreditation Services

Self-assured volunteers are required to assist in the Accreditation process. These people’s role includes name checking, badge and access cards at the Event Media Centre delivering and photo checking.

Volunteers positioned at this desk will be requested to provide information concerning the event and the transportation available. They will also be responsible to take information to those receiving the accreditation badges.


Administration Services

Volunteers in this area will be required to photocopy and distribute all kinds of documents between the Press Stands, the Press Centre, the VIP Areas, and the Game Areas. The Official Hotels, FourViews Baía and FourViews Monumental, may also be included in these destinations.

Also, welcoming the guests and directing them to the Accreditation or to the Vehicle Distribution areas will be requested. On the pre-event, Administration Services’ Volunteers will carry out activities such as packing uniforms, gifts and other mass distribution items.


Players Assistance

Players Assistance’s Volunteers will be responsible for welcoming and assisting all athletes on their arrival at the competition venue. Volunteers in this role will also be responsible for maintaining, re-stocking whatever needed, organising the athletes’ area and the teams’ marquees, during the competition and during the training sessions.

Volunteers shall have to manage the printing of results and all kinds of information, making sure that these reports are delivered as soon as possible to the press at the Media Centre.


Public Assistance

Public Assistance’s Volunteers shall be responsible for controlling the access of people between and within accredited areas.



Volunteer drivers will be required to provide transport to and from the Airport. The route shall be mainly between the Official Hotels, FourViews Baía and FourViews Monumental, and the airport. Other routes may also be included, if needed. Experience is favoured.


Team Guidance

Volunteers are required for a range of hosting activities. Hosts will be needed at the Official Hotels, FourViews Baía and FourViews Monumental, to welcome the Event’s Officials.

Volunteers will be requested to ‘Meet & Greet’ Officials upon their arrival at several venues. Venues may include the event’s site, the airport, the Official Hotels, FourViews Baía and FourViews Monumental.

If you want to take part in the European University Championship 2011
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