Transport and Travel

How shall we be transported from the Hotel to the Airport?
The transport between the Hotel and the Airport shall be assured by the Organizing Committee. However, every delegation must inform the OC about their departing schedule beforehand.

What are the alternative transports during the championship?
Even though the Organizing Committee guarantees the frequent transport between all the facilities during the days of the championship, you may choose to use the public transport network available at any city, such as buses or taxis. Also, you may choose to rent a car at one of the various rent-a-car agencies of the Island. However, the users are responsible for these expenses. Tickets for the city buses - "Giro" - can be bought on the bus, in several vending machines along the Avenida do Mar or at the Horarios do Funchal office in the Anadia Shopping centre. The physical ticket itself costs 50cent. and each journey costs 1€. If the ticket is bought on board, the journey costs 1.50€. Once in possession of a physical ticket, it can be recharged in the vending machines, at “Horarios do Funchal” office and in several shops in the city centre, including “Bazar do Povo” and the drugstore in Sao Lourenço’s shopping centre (where the hotel buses stop).

Where shall the accreditation occur?
Delegations shall be received at the airport by elements of the Organizing Committee and guided to the Hotel. The accreditation happens in the Hotel’s reception. Here, athletes also receive their “Athlete’s Kit”, containing several gifts and informative material about the Championship.

How do the customs at the airport work?
There are no limits concerning products outlet. However, if you intend to transport a quantity of a product which may seem excessive to the Customs Staff, you may be asked to prove the products you are carrying are not intended to be sold. Consult the consular representation for more information.

 What are the diplomatic representations one may find in Funchal?
In Funchal, you may find the consular representations of the following countries: Venezuela, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Slovenia, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Check Republic, United States of America and Sweden. Further diplomatic representations are settled in Lisbon.

My flight stops at Lisbon before coming to Funchal. Where shall I go through the customs?
The flying time between Lisbon (Portuguese capital) and Funchal is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Passengers flying from outside the Portuguese border go through customs in the first scale in National territory involving a change of plane.


At what time do we have to Check in and Check out at the Hotel?
Guests may carry out their check in at any time after 2.00 p.m. . The check out must be carried out, imperatively, until 12.00 p.m. . Hotel room fee’s after this checking out schedule will be imputed directly to the guests of those rooms, according to the legislation and to the price table of the Hotel.

Where may I access the Internet during the Championship?
During the championship you may access the Internet at the Sports Hall through the freely available wireless network. Also, the Four Views Hotel possesses a limited access free wireless network area where you may access the Internet. Finally, at Penteada’s University Campus there are specific rooms which allow you to access the Internet through a wireless network or through the computers available at those rooms.

How shall be accommodated the elements from every delegation at the Hotel?
The elements from the several delegations shall be accommodated in triple, double and individual bedrooms. They shall be settled by delegation (University), gender and kind (player or delegate). This means that all male players from a University are settled apart from the female players of that same University. Delegates, trainers and players will never share the same room. Judges and staff members shall be accommodated at a different hotel unit from the same hotel group.

What may I benefit for free at the Hotel?
You shall be accommodated at a top standard exceptional hotel unit, equipped with a tennis and paddle field, gymnasium, reading room, gaming room, table tennis table, billiards and a darts board. The Hotel possesses a fabulous outdoor swimming pool so you may enjoy the pleasant weather Madeira offers. If you choose to pay an additional fee, you may benefit from the SPA area (Four Feelings SPA) which includes an indoor swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, Rasul treatments, a hairdresser, and an aesthetic and massage saloon.

Leisure and Culture

What shall be the culture program during the competition?
Throughout the Championship several cultural and leisure activities shall be offered: nocturnal events, a trip on the island and a free gala dinner. Besides the standard program, the Organizing Committee is available to inform the participants on other tourist activities you may want to enjoy, if an extra fee is paid to the tourist agencies.


What are the normal business hours?
Business Shops: Week Days – From 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm till 7 pm. However, the majority stays open during lunch time. On Saturdays, although the majority of business shops tend to close at 1 pm some city centre shops stay open till evening. At shopping malls the open hours are wider, normally from 10 am till 11 pm.

Where may I exchange my money?
The Câmbios (Bureaux de Change or Change Shops) are open seven days a week in the main tourist areas. You may need your passport to exchange cash (extremely rare) but you will need it for the traveller’s cheques. There are automated cash points (ATM - Multibanco) at the majority of the supermarkets and in the main shopping areas of most cities. Instructions are available in English if required. Note that the maximum cash withdrawal is 200€. You can also find Multibanco (ATM) machines in every small city and even villages all around Portugal. VISA, Mastercard and American Express cards are widely accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants. Petrol stations usually take credit, cards and cash.

What is the post office schedule?
Post offices are open from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. on the week days. Some are open on Saturdays morning. Hotel reception may aid you to send your correspondence.


What is the pharmacies schedule?
Pharmacies: Same schedule as business shops. However, when closed the nearest open pharmacy shall be displayed where the service is assured 24h a day. Hotel reception may advise you on the nearest open pharmacy.

In case of emergency, how shall I proceed?
You shall immediately contact the authorities through our national emergency number: 112. The delegate responsible for your delegation must contact the Organizing Committee so that the necessary aid is provided.

In case of a sudden illness, how shall I proceed?
You shall immediately contact the Organizing Committee so that the necessary aid is provided. Every Portuguese citizens, University students or not, have the right to benefit from the National Health System. Citizens coming from the European Union (EU) and from the European Economical Community (EEC) are under the scope of the European Health Insurance Card that allows them to benefit from the Portuguese Health System as a national citizen. You can obtain a card by contacting your local health authority as each individual country is responsible for producing and distributing the card in its own territory. Citizens coming from other countries should get a travel/health insurance. This is also advised to every participant.

What personal insurance do you recommend?
The Civil Liability Insurance, which is a low priced insurance, is not compulsory but it is recommended, bearing in mind that health insurances and the European Health Insurance Card do not cover 3rd party accidents.


How is the city in terms of safety?
Checking the website “Tripadvisor”, it states that, very likely, the worst things that will happen to most visitors are generally "sunburns and hangovers".  However, the site also suggests that travellers should use common sense and practice certain safety tips to keep them free from crime. Among other things, this website suggests: making sure not to leave bags, cameras, or laptop computers (really anything of value) unattended at any time.  It also suggests being aware and alert while you are out, and paying particular attention to anyone who might brush up against you or who acts in an unusual manner. In the city of Funchal in particular, the tourism site does warn that drivers are not always careful and courteous towards pedestrians and so visitors travelling by foot should be careful while crossing the street. Cars are also known to park on sidewalks in the city, so it is also important to be careful while walking in the street while navigating around them. There is little or no crime on Madeira Island. It is entirely safe at all times of the day or night.